Burlap Squares 7oz. Treated 32x32, 250 Per Bale

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Treated to last! The finest burlap squares on the market!

Treated squares are fungus, pest and rot-resistant for longer life, and they will still safely biodegrade over time. Try our premium burlap, it's trusted by nurseries around the country to be tough and durable. Choose standard 7 oz burlap. With our huge selection, you can get the right size for your need, and save money and cut down on waste! Plus, you can call for special volume pricing for larger quantities.

Don't be fooled by cheap prices, go for the best value! Compare quality and performance along with price. Our Environmental Responsibility Pledge: When you think of burlap, you don't always think of the potential for environmental damage, but the fact is that some imported burlaps are treated with unregistered pesticides and toxic agents. As members of the Green Industry, we feel that it is our responsibility to operate in a manner that encourages good stewardship of our resources. Therefore, we only sell burlap that is treated in the USA and meets strict EPA standards. In addition to being ethically superior, our burlap contains 2-3 times the preservative solution of competitor brands, for added life. Consistency in quality, superior protection, and environmental stewardship. These are areas in which we will not compromise.

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7oz., treated, 32in. x 32in., 250 squares per bale. Treated with Copper Ammonium Carbonate to prolong life of burlap by slowing degredation process.
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