When it comes to versatility on the job or in the garden, nothing beats burlap. At A.M. Leonard, we are committed to offering professional landscapers, gardeners, and nurseries the best selection of premium-grade burlap that is perfect for all types of applications. From frost protection to erosion control, you will find high-quality burlap sacks, burlap bags and burlap rolls to help you get your work done right. There is no shortage of ways to put this durable material to work.
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  1. Premium 10 Ounce Treated Burlap Squares
    Premium 10 Ounce Treated Burlap Squares
  2. Image 1 of the Burlap Roll 7oz Plain 60" x 250 yds
    Burlap Roll 7oz. Plain 60" x 250 yds
  3. Image 1 of the Burlap Liner 10oz Plain 40x45 Fits 26" Baskets
    Burlap Liner 10oz. Plain 40x45 Fits 26" Baskets
  4. Burlap 96 X 96 Treated Squares
    Burlap 96 X 96 Treated Squares
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Our popular Premium Plain Burlap Rolls are a great option for professionals looking for untreated, biodegradable burlap. This high-quality 7-ounce burlap is tough, durable, and will not rip, tear, or rot. It also meets strict EPA standard and is free of toxic agents and unregistered herbicides. If you are wrapping tree roots for transplanting, covering compost, germinating seeds, or winterizing roses and evergreens, this versatile material will get the job done. For smaller jobs, check out our Garden Gunny Sack Backpack. Perfect for harvesting, transporting small plants, or carrying garden tools.

We stock professional-grade burlap rolls, burlap squares, and burlap tree wrap in both treated and untreated varieties. Looking for potato sacks? Check out our 50 lb capacity treated Burlap Sandbags. Use them for produce collection or fill them up with sediment for flood control, ballast, or stabilization. Our inventory is versatile, highly rated by our customers and designed to last. If you're in need of burlap for your landscaping or gardening operation, don't forget to browse our Turf and Landscape Management and Field Production selections and let A.M. Leonard be your first and last stop.