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In landscaping, agriculture, and gardening, it all comes down to the weather. Logging accurate temperatures and conditions is essential for horticultural professionals working in all types of climates. At A.M. Leonard, you will find a great selection of commercial-quality thermometers that are technologically advanced, easy to use, and accurate.
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  1. Image 1 of the Taylor Greenhouse Thermometer
    Taylor Greenhouse Thermometer
  2. Image 1 of the Measuring Pitcher, 64oz/2 Liter
    Measuring Pitcher, 64oz./2 Liter
  3. Image 1 of the Taylor Min/Max Thermometer
    Taylor Min/Max Thermometer
  4. Image 1 of the Taylor Digital Min/Max Thermometer
    Digital Min/Max Thermometer by Taylor
  5. Image 1 of the Measuring Pitcher, 32oz/1 Liter
    Measuring Pitcher, 32oz./1 Liter
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Our best-selling Taylor Min/Max Thermometer is a great tool for gardeners and landscapers looking to easily record high and low temperature readings. This innovative design will register the highest and lowest temperatures since the last setting, providing you with useful and precise information that will help you make the right decisions regarding your plants, trees, or crops.

For those looking for more advanced features, check out Taylor's Digital Min/Max Thermometer, which includes two probes that will record the high and low temperatures for both indoor and outdoor areas. This thermometer has a water-resistant casing, a durable LCD display, and can store high/low readings for up to 7 full days. It is a great option for professionals needing to collect complex and accurate climate information.

From compost thermometers to infrared thermometers, A.M. Leonard provides the equipment you need and the professional quality you expect. Take a look at our selection of temperature measuring products and find the right choice for your unique needs.