Wind Meters

Landscaping, agricultural, and irrigation professionals rely on accurate weather instruments to provide essential information daily. At A.M. Leonard, we are committed to offering industry-leading rain gauges and wind meters from top manufacturers that will get the job done right and help your operation stay on track.
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A rain gauge is an important tool for gardens, agricultural operations, and irrigation systems. Keep track of rainfall and ensure you are watering your plants and trees appropriately with our selection of commercial-grade rain gauges. Overwatering is dangerous and can lead to disease, increased pollution, and other hazards. With a reliable rain gauge, you can avoid wasting water -- not to mention time and money -- and efficiently optimize your horticultural operation.

From golf course management to pesticide application and tree care, a wind meter is a tool with no shortage of uses. At A.M. Leonard, you will find premium-quality professional wind meters that will help you track wind conditions and make the right choices for your business. Accurate wind information can make a big difference for your operation, helping you reduce labor costs and keeping your investments safe.

For all your weather instruments and measuring supplies, trust A.M. Leonard to offer unmatched reliability and performance. Here you'll find the equipment you need to save money and stay ahead -- check out our inventory today.