Chapin HydroFeed Fixed Rate Fertilizer System


Turn any hose spigot into a fixed rate fertilizer system!

Each Chapin Fixed Rate HydroFeed™; Fertilizer System includes a clear tank. These tanks have a large, funnel-type opening. A drain plug and valve allow for easy emptying. Each unit also features an adjustable faucet elbow, a built-in mounting bracket, and a rigid inlet tube. Chapin includes an 18-inch intake hose. Choose your desired tank size below. The Fixed Rate HydroFeed™; System turns your hose spigot into an injection system. This system is ideal for liquid, water-soluble granules, or fish emulsion fertilizers. These fixed-rate units mix one ounce of product for every gallon of water. Just pour the product into the tank, and HydroFeed™; delivers valuable nutrients to your plants or lawn. Use it with drip irrigation, soaker hoses, or direct hose spray applicators. Chapin?s patent-pending design is easy to install and use. The adjustable elbow, built-in mounting bracket, and 18-inch hose install quickly and easily. The in-tank filter ensures a debris-free mix. The HydroFeed™; system is a great way to conserve water and still have a lush lawn and garden! For more control, check out the Variable Rate HydroFeed™; System!
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