Coated Gloves Buying Guide

Below you will find our thorough guide to choosing the best coated work gloves on the market, from top brands like Atlas, Mud, Leonard, Kinco, Northflex, and Maxiflex. With several coating options available, it can be hard to know whether nitrile gloves or latex gloves or polyurethane gloves are best suited for your task. Our comprehensive comparison chart will clear up any confusion, and get you back on the job with the right gear, quickly.

The right work gloves can be critical on the job. Whether you need a pair with gripping power, breathability, water resistance or gloves that are puncture proof, A.M. Leonard carries the brands with styles and features that will protect your hands and help you get the job done right. Our Coated Gloves Buying Guide will explain and compare the best work glove options, like nitrile dipped gloves, latex coated gloves and more, so that we can help you make the right choice for your situation.


Coatings are tough and lighter than latex coatings, and they are oil and solvent resistant with excellent dexterity. More durable than leather!

  • Synthetic version of latex so it has less stretch
  • Three times more puncture resistant than rubber
  • Stands up well to oil
  • When foam coated it acts like a sponge, helping to increase gripping power

LATEX (Rubber)

Coatings stay flexible in cold temperatures and provide a great grip. Great for general maintenance, shipping, receiving, assembling, landscaping, manual labor.

  • Very high elasticity and grip
  • Great tear resistance
  • Resists alcohol
  • Performs poorly around most hydrocardbon and organic solvents (i.e. gas)
  • Natural rubber latex can cause allergic reactions


Coating on thin nylon seamless knit gloves delivers lightweight protection and grip with excellent dexterity. PU is breathable, so hands stay comfortable even in warm conditions. Low lint and high tactility make these gloves a good choice for small parts handling and assembly work. They’re also a popular replacement for bulky chore gloves and sweaty, non-breathable disposables.

  • Grips well without being sticky
  • Great breathability and dexterity
  • Resists oil, solvents, gasoline, fats, greases, ozone and oxidation
  • Poor resistance to hot water
  • Great for running heavy equipment where you need a delicate touch