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Council Forged Fire Shovel w/ Ash Handle

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A Fire Shovel design calls for a slightly smaller blade, a long sharpened edge, and a high handle angle!

These features make it an efficient tool for shallow cutting and scraping to remove plant material. The blade size and shape is also ideal for throwing and spreading of soil and other materials. Built to meet US Forest Service specifications but with its useful design, it's being recruited for many grower, landscape, and gardening projects. 9" W x 11" L Blade, 12" Tab Socket, 44" American Ash Handle, 32" Handle Lift.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Blade is 11" L x 9" W
  • 44" Ash handle
  • 32" blade lift
Product Benefits
  • Blade has a more pronounced scoop shape than other shovels
  • QUESTION: How is "blade lift" measured?
  • ANSWER: Blade lift is measured in a couple different ways. One is to lay the shovel on its back and measure the tip of the blade to the ground, in which case you will get a typical measurement of 3" to 6" or so. Another way is the lay the shovel on its back and step on the blade, so the handle points up, then measure the distance from the tip of the handle to the ground. In that case, a typical measurement is anywhere from 17" to 29".
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