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Grow Film Suncover Clear 4 Year 6Mil

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Grow Film Suncover Clear 4 Year 6Mil

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Our Black Plus Film is a real game-changer and a great value!

Save money by using a 3-mil or 4-mil Plus Film that has the strength and durability of standard films TWICE that thickness! That means you get 6-8 mil strength, with a product that is half the weight which means you save big on shipping AND get a stronger product! Plus Film is built to last for multiple seasons, and can be used for the following applications:
  • Silage Tarp for clearing weeds from large area prior to planting.
  • Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation a variation on Solarization that works better in colder climates a natural fumigation that utilizes microbes to reduce weeds, disease, and nematode pressures
  • Weed Barrier for in cold frames, orchard plantings and row crops.
  • Floating Bed Liner for Aquaponics, Hydroponics and Tobacco production.
  • Equipment, Machinery, and Construction Materials Cover
  • Dust, Vapor, and/or Moisture Barrier
  • Silage Pit Cover
Save money with our exclusive cut and rewind operation that will stock most widths and cut to order any length desired. No need for you to order more than your situation requires; as most of our competitors demand! Call today and get all the details about this versatile and exciting product!
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