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CX Horticulture Mighty Bloom Enhancer 0 15 18


Maximizes the size of your blooms!

CX Horticulture?s Mighty Bloom Enhancer gives your flowering plants what they need to thrive. This PGR-free liquid fertilizer increases the ratio of solids to water within the flowers. It does so by activating the natural processes inside of the plant. Choose your desired container size below. Mighty Bloom Enhancer increases both the size and yield of your flowering plants. This unique formula sends a signal to your plants to convert its growth and energy directly to its buds. When it receives this signal, the plant moves its stored carbohydrates and minerals into the flowers. This process causes an increase in female flower sites and the size of these flowers. Using Mighty Bloom Enhancer results in massive increases to the dry weight of your flowers. It allows for more massive fruit and even works as a hardener. For maximum efficiency, pair this product with CX Horticulture?s Head Masta fertilizer. This potent combination increases flower size and improves the flavor, aroma, and quality of your entire crop!
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