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Stimulates massive healthy roots that don?t stop growing!

CX Horticulture developed their Regen-a-Root system to stimulate plant root development. This unique growth tonic contains no growth hormones. Instead, it provides your plants with what they need to produce auxins naturally. Choose your desired size below. Regen-a-Root ensures maximum nutrient uptake during all phases of growth and bloom. This uptake encourages massive root growth and boosts root immune defenses - all without sacrificing any top growth. Regen-a-Root works in all types of hydroponic, soil, and coco-based systems. Many products stop working after a plant's vegetative period. Regen-a-Root continues working throughout the plant?s entire life cycle. Its low mix rate of 4 ml per gallon makes it the most cost-effective rooting additive on the market. CX Horticulture guarantees Regen-a-Root will give you a lush, healthy, and productive root system every time!
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