Diamond Vantage Vortex Diamond Blades


Ideal for wet and dry cutting applications!

Diamond Vantage designed their X400 Vortex Blade to handle a wide variety of tile and stone materials currently trending in the hardscape industry. These supreme quality diamond blades will cut a wide variety of hard materials. From porcelain and granite tile and natural stones, to standard concrete products like pavers, brick and block. The X400 also makes a good demolition blade and can be used to cut old, hard concrete and reinforced concrete. It features a continuous, 9mm turbo rim height for extended blade life. Its ventilated steel core offers superior cooling. And these blades can be used for both wet and dry cutting applications. Available in a variety of sizes. 12" an 14" diameter blades are 1/8" thick and feature a 20mm to 1" knock out arbor. And are intended for use on high speed handsaws, masonry saws, chop saws, and low HP walk behind saws.
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