Echo 58 Volt Handheld Blowers


Maximum clearing power without the need for fuel!

The Echo 58-Volt Cordless Blower is part of Echo?s 58-Volt Cordless Lineup. This blower features a jet fan design with a brushless motor for superior power and performance. Echo equips this blower with both a variable speed trigger and a turbo button. They cap the pipe with a wear ring. Choose from a kit with battery and charger or blower-only options below. This blower outputs 550 cubic feet of air per minute of speeds of up to 145 miles per hour. The wear ring around the pipe doubles as a debris scraper for ease of use. As part of the 58-Volt Cordless Lineup, this blower utilizes Echo?s Lithium-Ion Batteries and Battery Charger. Lithium-ion batteries run at 100% power until the battery is dry. They are also 50% lighter than Ni-Cad batteries. Echo?s 58-Volt Cordless Lineup features four different tools that utilize a common battery platform. All four machines feature powerful, maintenance-free brushless motors and heavy-duty construction. Each of these tools runs quietly, starts quickly, and is more dependable than similar fuel-driven counterparts. Removing fuel from the equation also removes that 2-cycle smell and makes them safer to use. And, since these tools run on a lithium-ion battery, they are more lightweight than standard battery-operated tools. This fantastic lineup of tools saves you both time and money. Plus, Echo covers them with the same warranty as their gas units!
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