Fiskars 13-Inch Log Tongs

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Make firewood transport easier!

Keep your hands dry when handling firewood in the snow!
Use these 13-inch log tongs to prepare and organize firewood faster. These durable log tongs allow you to lift and position logs up to 12 inches in diameter with one hand! Fiskars constructs these tongs using hardened boron steel. The sharpened tips bite into bark for a secure hold. When you arrive at your destination, quickly release the log using the built-in finger trigger. Fiskars equipped these log tongs with a sculpted FiberComp® handle. This handle features a non-slip grip and a flared end. This provides increased comfort, improved control, and insulation against the cold. Fiskars includes a durable holster to simplify storage and transportation.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Length: 13 inches
  • Open width: 9 inches
  • Max log diameter: 12 inches
  • Material: Hardened boron steel
  • Handle type: FiberComp® with non-slip grip
Product Features
  • Ideal for lifting, carrying and stacking logs
  • Hardened boron steel tongs
  • Sharpened tips that quickly and securely grip and release logs
  • Convenient tong-opening finger trigger ideal for one-handed use
  • Bent handle makes lifting and carrying logs easier
  • Sculpted, non-slip handle improves comfort, enhances control and helps insulate against the cold
  • FiberComp® handle is lightweight and durable
  • Handle flare keeps the tool firmly in your grip
  • Includes a durable holster for safe storage and transportation
  • Wiregate carabiner for quick clipping and removing
PFR Warranty
The manufacturer covers this product with a lifetime warranty.
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