Fiskars Pro CarbonMax Replacement Blades


CarbonMax™; lasts up to 24 times longer than standard utility blades!

CarbonMax™; Utility Blades feature a durable steel construction. Fiskars® manufactures these blades using a unique carbon-bonding process. See below for buying options. CarbonMax™; are the perfect option for your Fiskars™; Pro Fixed Utility Knife or Folding Utility Knife. You can also use them with your current standard-sized utility knives. Lab tests confirm that CarbonMax™; Utility Blades are the best blades in the industry. Fiskars'® unique bonding process results in an edge that stays sharper longer — 24 times longer in fact. Fiskars® proudly manufactures these blades right here in the USA!
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