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Florikan; 12-4-11 NPK Plus with CaNO3, 180-Day Formula

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Florikan; 12-4-11 NPK Plus with CaNO3, 180-Day Formula

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An excellent formula for plants that thrive on calcium!

Florikan® formulated their 12-4-11 fertilizer with a balance of nitrogen and potassium and a low level of phosphorus. This fertilizer contains Florikans unique polymer-coated calcium nitrate along with a very high rate of nitrate nitrogen. This rate provides plenty of readily available nitrogen to your plants. This bag contains 50 pounds of fertilizer. Florikan® designed this 12-4-11 formula specifically for nursery operations. This specialty fertilizer is ideal for crops that require a long-term supply of calcium. You can apply 12-4-11 as a top dress, a sub dress, or incorporate it into the soil. This fertilizer continues to provide essential nutrients throughout the entire crop cycle. This continuous delivery eliminates the halo effect. Florikan® 12-4-11 provides a great balance of nitrogen and potassium with a lower rate of phosphorus. This formula reduces plant stretch. This fertilizer also contains chelated iron and calcium to give your plants a deep-green leaf color. Combining potassium with the calcium increases the overall strength of your plants. Florkan® 12-4-11 has a 5 to 6 months release time. Please review the product label for proper application rates.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Analysis: Nitrogen (12.0%), Phosphorus (4.0%), Potassium (11.0%), Calcium (5.80%), Magnesium (1.2%), Sulfur (6.0%), Copper (0.05%), Iron (0.6%), Manganese (0.10%), Zinc (0.06%)
  • Bag weight (pounds): 50
Product Features
  • 100% polymer-coated fertilizer
  • Very high rate of nitrate nitrogen
  • Contains Florikan Polymer Coated Calcium Nitrate
  • Apply as a top dress, sub dress, or incorporation
Product Benefits
  • Designed specifically for crops requiring long-term calcium
  • High level of available nitrogen
  • Desirable levels of calcium and magnesium
  • Chelated iron and calcium for a deep green leaf color
  • Potassium and calcium increase for plant strength
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