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Florikan; 16-5-11 NPK MAX with Nanoprill, 90-Day Formula

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Florikan; 16-5-11 NPK MAX with Nanoprill, 90-Day Formula

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Use for greenhouse, propagation, perennials, annuals, etc. This 16-5-11 nano-prill formula is time-release for 3-4 months.

When using NANO, you will get 10 TIMES the prill count for more contact points than the standard CRF. 100% polymer-coated controlled release fertilizer, 100% water-soluble nutrients for maximum plant uptake, ammonium-nitrate based and is completely urea-free. This product is a classic 3:1:2 ratio for heavier feeders and is complete with a micronutrient package. NANO is great for greenhouse growers using 1 gallon containers, 4 inch and trays (annuals, perennials, seedlings, propagation, impatiens, pansies, vinca, herbs and more).

Safe, effective and economical to use with reduced water soluble program or eliminate the water soluble altogether since low incorporation rates provide maximum results. Break the feast or famine cycle. This product will finish crops and provide shelf life to reduce shrinkage at the sales level.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • 16-5-11 formula
  • Contains magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, & manganese
  • "Nano" prills have 10-times the prills as other slow release fertilizers
  • 3 to 4 month release
  • 50 lb bags
Product Features
  • Provides 10 times the fertilizer particles than traditional fertilizers
Product Benefits
  • The small prill (particle size) means more product lands on the leaves, delivering more nutrients more efficiently
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