Florikan; Meg-Iron V Micronutrient Mix

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Florikan; Meg-Iron V Micronutrient Mix

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Florikan Micro-Nutrient Suppliment is designed to increase the efficiency of the main fertilizer program. Maximizes plant growth by increasing the micro-nutrients in a granular completely uncoated form. Made to be used in conjuction with a fertilizer containing NPK only. Can also be used as a suppliment of additional micro-nutrients in a fertilizer that already contains them. Florikan is a high-performance, polymer coated, fertilizer technology activated by moisture. The speed of release is only affected by soil temperature. After application, these Controlled Release Fertilizers release the nutrients they need when they need them. They will outperform other controlled release fertilizers both in consistency and longevity without dumping, because of its unique polymer coating. Nutrient release is not affected by media type or pH.
  • Florikan Controlled Release Fertilizer has a patented dual reactive layer polymer coating process developed in 2004 in conjunction with the Space Alliance Outreach Program administered by NASA.
  • A smooth exterior coating with no breaks or fissures insures a predictable release. Florikan fertilizers have a release period that is benchmarked to 77? F average soil temperatures so they can maintain their integrity and last the stated period of release, even in climates of extreme heat and rainfall. Plants and turf are healthier when they receive a consistent source of nutrient.
  • Florikan breaks the feast or famine cycle of other conventional and inferior slow release technologies, ensuring that nutrients remain available to your plants and are not leached into the environment.
  • Ideal for incorporation with growing media or as a topdressing. All products listed are calibrated for the Midwest.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Contains iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc
  • Contains sulfates
  • 50 lb bags
Product Features
  • Not an NPK fertilizer; contains micronutrients only (also known as "minors")
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