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Gemini; Granular Pre-Emergent Herbicide, 50-Pound Bag

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Stops weeds using less active ingredients!

ICL Gemini® Granular Pre-Emergent Herbicide features the patent-pending R-50 Optimizer™;. This pre-emergent herbicide features a combination of two active ingredients: Prodiamine and Isoxaben. Many crops tolerate Gemini®. This tolerance makes Gemini® work well as a longer duration pre-emergent herbicide. You can also use it in tandem with other herbicides to boost their efficiency. This powerful herbicide controls more than 120 different types of weeds yet has a low risk of phytotoxicity. The R-50 Optimizer™; allows Gemini® to stop weeds while using less of its active ingredients. This allows you to make more applications per year and reduce the active ingredient applied per acre. Apply Gemini® Granular at a rate of 100 to 200 pounds per acre. Do not apply more than 375 pounds per year. At higher applications, Gemini controls weeds longer. Test results show weed controls at high rates for up to 4 months and low rates for 60 to 90 days. We are unable to sell or ship this product to any customers residing in NY or CA.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Active ingredients: Prodiamine (0.40%) and Isoxaben (0.25%)
  • Herbicide type: Pre-emergent
  • Bag weight (pounds): 50
Product Features
  • Granular, pre-emergent herbicide
  • Two active ingredients
  • Patent-pending R-50 Optimizer™
  • Controls more than 120 different types of weeds
  • Low risk of phytotoxicity
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