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Grow Plugs

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FP1400 - Grow-Plugs, Case of 1,400
FP55 - Grow-Plugs, Bag of 55

Use Grow-Plugs for consistent moisture and faster rooting!

Grow-Plugs are a stabilized soilless propagation medium. They feature a blend of the finest quality ingredients, including peat and other organics, held together with a foam binder. Choose your desired quantity below.

Grow-Plugs make it easy to grow and transplant a full assortment of plants, flowers, and vegetables. To use, insert the plugs directly into the cells of your growing tray, and you are ready to get growing. You can use Grow-Plugs with your automated transplant machinery. They are also a perfect match for your float growing kit.

Grow-Plugs offer numerous benefits for both you and your plants. They allow for greater production control, including earlier planting. They also create much less mess than soil-based mediums. Your plants benefit from improved aeration, higher water-holding capacity, and even dry-down. These benefits result in higher initial densities and improved uniformity in your greenhouse!
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