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Halder 80 Series SIMPLEX Mallets


A must-buy for any hardscaping professional!

Halder equips their 80 Series Simplex Wall Mallets with durable cast-steel heads. These heads feature a split-housing design and 3-1/8-inch diameter replaceable faces. Halder created three different inserts for use with these mallets. These mallets include two faces, see below for buying options. Halder?s 80 Series is ideal for hardscape wall applications. They excel with any large or small-scale stone and paver projects. The high-quality acacia hardwood handle has an extra-large overstrike area formed by the cast-steel housing. Halder designs their signature Simplex Mallets to provide many, many years of use. The faces stay in place through pressure, instead of with screws, allowing for a much larger wear area. The split-housing design enables you to take it apart and replace worn or damaged components.
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