Harvest Gold Silica Soil Supplement


Supercharge your soil and grow your plants fuller and faster!

Harvest Gold?s silica soil supplement nourishes and fortifies your plants. This soil supplement contains 85% silica and other essential macro and micro-nutrients in one easy-to-use mix. Harvest Gold uses only naturally occurring minerals from gold telluride vein deposits. A fracturing and hydro-cleaning process makes the silica and 10 other nutrients bioavailable from the very first watering! Silica, one of nature?s most useful compounds, occurs as the mineral quartz. Its ability to increase the resiliency of plants, and increase plant yields, has made it a favored agricultural product for centuries. Harvest Gold formulates their silica for ease of use and effectiveness. The fine silica sand gives you all the benefits of standard silica without the rigid feeding schedule. It easily mixes into your soil and continues to provide nutrients for the entire lifetime of the plant — no need to reapply! How to use: Mix with soil at a rate of 1/8 Harvest Gold to 7/8 soil mix. Mix thoroughly. Application rates vary based on soil, genetics, and growing conditions. Choose your desired size below.
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