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HyR BRIX Pasture Fertilizer, 45-Pound Bag

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Perfect for all pastures and growing forages!

HyR BRIX specially formulates their Pasture Fertilizer using a unique blend of nutrients. Each bag contains 45 pounds of 12-6-5 fertilizer.

Pastures deficient in nutrients can pass that nutrient deficiency to your young animals. Using HyR BRIX Pasture Fertilizer not only optimizes the health and growth of foliage, it also increases both nutrient available and density for your animals. Feed your animals by feeding the soil and fortifying your plants.

Apply at a rate of 500 pounds per acre or 45 pounds for every 4,356 square feet. Although you can use HyR Brix Pasture Fertilizer any time of the year, apply in spring for the best results. Disperse this product using any broadcast spreader. We suggest using either the Leonard 70-Pound Stainless Steel Broadcast Spreader or the Leonard Stainless Steel Turf Spreader.

Also available by the ton - contact your account manager today!

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Guaranteed analysis: Nitrogen (12.00%), phosphorus (6.00%), potassium (5.00%), calcium (2.06%), magnesium (1.14%), sulfur (14.72%), boron (0.35%), iron (0.89%), manganese (0.12%), sodium (3.59%), zinc (1.19%)
  • Bag weight (pounds): 45
  • Format: Granular
  • Application rate per acre (pounds): 500
  • Area treated per bag (square feet): 4,356
Product Features
  • Pasture fertilizer
  • Contains a unique blend of nutrients
  • Granular format
  • Sold in 45-pound bags
  • Also available in 1-ton totes
Product Benefits
  • Improves growth, quality, and hardiness of forage
  • Increases both nutrient density and availability
  • Enhances herd health and improves milk quality
  • Optimizes nutrient levels to promote disease resistance
Product Warranty Information
  • This product is covered by A.M. Leonard's Down-to-Earth guarantee. Click here for more details.
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