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Imisol Micro-Injected Insecticide, Quarter Flat of 24 6 mL Capsules

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Protect your trees from insects and disease!

Mauget combined their Imicide™ Insecticide with their Fungisol; Fungicide to create Imisol™. Imisol™ contains the active ingredients imidacloprid (5.0%), debacarb (1.7%), and carbendazim (0.3%). This broad-spectrum enclosed system comes in single-use capsules. This quarter-flat contains 24 6-milliliter capsules. Most often, the decline of trees and plants results from a combination of pests. In their weakened state, these plants are vulnerable to attacks from disease-causing organisms. The formulation of Imisol™ suppresses over 30 tree disease pathogens and more than 37 species of damaging insects, including many invasive species. It is safe to use on more than 31 species of trees. See the technical sheet below for a more detailed list of targeted insects and diseases. Apply Imisol™ when signs of disease first appear. Use only as a post-bloom application. Refer to the product label in the links section below for application instructions and dosage rates. Mauget developed Imisol™ to save you time and expense. This product has proven its effectiveness in numerous university studies and field tests. Its all-in-one formulation means you only need to apply it once for all-season protection! We are unable to sell or ship this product to customers in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Oregon.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Active ingredients: Imidacloprid (5.0%), debacarb (1.7%), and carbendazim (0.3%)
  • Capsule volume (milliliters): 6
  • Capsules per package: 24
Product Features
  • Combined broad-spectrum insecticide and fungicide
  • Contains imidacloprid, debacarb, and carbendazim
  • Micro-injected capsules
  • Wholly enclosed system
Product Benefits
  • Combines two effective products into one easy-to-use application
  • Suppresses more than 30 different tree disease pathogens
  • Controls more than 37 species of damaging insects including many invasive species
  • Registered for use on over 31 tree species
  • Enclosed system minimizes risk during application
  • University-researched and field tested
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