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Irritec Goof Plugs, 250 Count

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Conserve your mainline irrigation tubing!

Irritec Goof Plugs are double-sided to repair both small and large holes. Each twist-off rack contains 5 individual plugs; this bag contains 5 racks for a total of 25 plugs.

Use Goof Plugs to repair small or large holes in your mainline irrigation tubing. The ability to repair your tubing allows you to reuse your tubing. Use the plugs to alter your row spacing for multiple growing seasons by covering the existing holes from your current setup. These plugs can also seal off the end of some soaker driplines.

Irritec designs all its irrigation supplies with quality and versatility in mind. These plugs allow you to conserve your mainline tubing, making them an incredibly cost-effective option!


Product Information

Product Specs
  • Plugs per rack: 5
  • Rack quantity: 5
  • Total plug quantity:25
Product Features
  • Irrigation tubing plugs
  • Double-headed design
  • Sold in twist-off racks
Product Benefits
  • Use to repair and conserve your mainline irrigation tubing
  • Double-headed design fits both small and large holes
  • Repairing tubing allows you to alter spacing for multiple growing seasons
  • Can also seal off the ends of some soaker driplines
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