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Jiffy Peat Pellets


Ideal for starting seeds!

Discs of compressed peat, with fertilizer already added, are encased in a plastic net. Just add water - each pellet expands to an ideal 1 3/4" dia, and approximately 2" deep. Sow or transplant into pots for the perfect growing medium. Choose standard, pre-drilled, or standard pellets pre-spaced in trays.

Product Information

Product Features
  • Jiffy 7 Peat Pellet: Encased in plastic netting, compressed peat pellets come with added fertilizer.
  • Bigger Diameter: Each pellet expands to about 1 and 3/4 inches in diameter and approximately 2 inches deep.
  • Versatility: Perfect for sowing or transplanting into pots for an ideal growing medium fit for any plant.
  • Ample Quantity: Available in packs of 1000 pellets per case, weighing 14 pounds.
  • Customizability: Choose pre-drilled or standard pellets, either spaced in trays or drilled for easy cuttings and transplants.
  • Easy to Use: Just add water to watch the pellets expand and get ready for use.
  • Professional Grade: Designed and crafted for use by landscaping professionals and home gardeners alike.
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