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Kneelo Ultra Cushion Knee Pads


Maximum comfort and flexibility when walking, kneeling, or standing!

Kneelo™; Knee Pads feature a shock-absorbing EVA foam core surrounded by a layer of memory foam. A nylon-coated neoprene casing protects this soft interior. Adjustable Velcro straps secure the pads to your legs without the need to slip them over your clothes. One size fits most; choose your desired color below.

Kneelo™; Knee Pads make kneeling for prolonged periods more comfortable. They are great for gardening, cleaning, and any other task that requires working on a hard surface.

Kneelo™; Knee Pads provide maximum comfort and flexibility when walking, kneeling, or standing. The neoprene casing is waterproof for use on damp surfaces while the nylon coating makes them easy to clean. Stay comfortable at work or on the go with Kneelo™;!
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