Komelon 200-Foot Open-Reel Fiberglass Tape

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Komelon 200-Foot Open-Reel Fiberglass Tape

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Perfect for all your long measuring needs!

Komelon's Open-Reel Fiberglass Tapes features a double-coated blade. A durable ABS frame protects the tape and a rubber handle provides a comfortable grip. Komelon also equips this reel with a hook end and claw. The fiberglass blade measures 200 feet in length and 1/2-inch in width.

Komelon Open-Reel Fiberglass Tapes are perfect for any long measuring needs. The two-colored, double-sided has inches/feet on one side and engineer scale on the opposite side. Its end hook and claw makes it an extremely versatile measuring tool.

The double-coated fiberglass blade of these reels is waterproof and resists dirt. This coating also protects the markings from chemical and mechanical-based abrasion.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Product weight (pounds): 2-2/5
  • Product length (inches): 13
  • Product width (inches): 11-1/2
  • Product height (inches): 2
  • Tape material: Fiberglass
  • Tape width (inches): 1/2
  • Tape length (feet): 200
  • Housing material: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
Product Features
  • Open-reel measuring tape
  • Double-coated fiberglass blade
  • Durable ABS frame
  • Rubber hand grip
  • Hook end with claw
  • Dual-sided measurements
Product Benefits
  • Features both inches/feet and engineer scale
  • Perfect for any measuring project
  • Blade coating is waterproof and resists dirt
  • Coating protects the markings from chemical and mechanical abrasion
  • Hook and claw increase versatility
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