Krylon Line-Up SB Traffic Striping Paint


Fast drying formula that penetrates and adheres to hot, cold, or wet surfaces!

Long lasting. Delivery rate-covers 18"-24" in 1.5 seconds. The .044mm nozzle applies a 2" wide line - the heaviest rate of any marking paint on the market, along with the highest amount of solids. Percentage of solids applied per 1.5 seconds - 6.08 gms. Ensures a bolder marking in one pass. Adheres to asphalt, concrete, gravel, soil and grass. Holds-up in harshest temperatures and weather. Available in red (1R), white (2W), yellow (4Y), blue (3B), and black (8B). Case of twelve 20 oz. cans. Ship wt 18 lb
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