Leonard 8 Mil Plant Tie Tape


Perfect for any tying application!

Leonard 8-Mil Plant Tie Tape is a translucent green, non-adhesive vinyl tape. Choose your desired length, width, and quantity below. Leonard Plant Tie Tape is perfect for any tying applications that allow for growth. Use it with trees, vineyards, berry bushes, tomatoes, flowers, and more. The vinyl material is strong enough to hold plants in place yet stretches to allow your plants to grow. Their green color blends in well with the surrounding landscape or foliage. The 1/2-inch rolls are compatible with the Max Tapener Hand-Tying Machine and both widths work well for hand tying. Leonard Plant Tie Tape is durable, pliable, and colorfast. When applied correctly, this tape will not girdle or cut into trees and vines. These rolls stay wound tight, saving you time and effort frequently spent rerolling similar products. For additional sizes, click HERE!
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