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Leonard Heavy-Duty Push Brooms


We designed these brooms with professionals in mind!

We equip our Leonard Heavy-Duty Push Brooms with long-wearing poly fiber bristles. These bristles measure 4 inches in length. The lacquered hardwood block measures 3 inches long and 1-1/16 inches thick. A stout metal bolt-style connector and metal, powder-coated side braces maximize the head-to-handle connection. See above for buying options.

These heavy-duty push brooms are excellent for nearly any cleanup task. Use them to sweep up heavy debris, gravel, wet grass, and more! The poly bristles resist mildew, acids, petrochemicals, and solvents. The highly concentrated bristles clear a wide swath in a single pass.

We design these push brooms with professionals in mind. The lacquered-coated block offers an extended service life. Thanks to the bolted design and side braces, the head in incredibly stable. The heads of these brooms are 100% made in the USA. We back each broom with our lifetime warranty!


Product Specs

  • Bristle material: Poly
  • Bristle length (inches): 4
  • Block material: Hardwood
  • Block width (inches): Varies
  • Block length (inches): 3
  • Block thickness (inches): 1-1/16
  • Handle material: Varies
  • Handle length (inches): 60

Product Features

  • Professional-grade push broom
  • Long-wearing poly bristles
  • Highly concentrated bristle pattern
  • Lacquered hardwood block
  • Metal bolt-style connector
  • Powder-coated metal side braces
  • Broom heads are made in the USA!

Product Benefits

  • An excellent choice for cleaning up heavy debris, gravel, wet grass, and more
  • Wide head and bristle concentration clear a wide swath with each pass
  • Poly bristles resist mildew, acids, petrochemicals, solvents, and more
  • Stout metal bolt-style connector and side braces provide incredibly stability
  • Lacquered block offers an extended service life

PFR Warranty

We cover these products with a lifetime warranty. Please click here for details.


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