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Leonard SprayMaxPro Foaming Tip

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Leonard SprayMaxPro Foaming Tip

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No drip or drift to damage your vulnerable plants!

The Leonard SprayMax‚ Pro Foaming Tip features a durable all-metal construction. We designed this tip for use with both the SprayMax‚ Pro 400 Sprayer and the SprayMax‚ Pro 100 Sprayer.

Foaming is a new method for applying herbicides and pesticides. The SprayMax‚ Foaming Tip is perfect for applying such chemicals, including our ProFoam Platinum Foam Agent. This tip reduces drip and drift when spraying near vulnerable plants.

Why use foam to apply chemicals? Using a foam makes spot spraying easier as the foam clings to the weed for even coverage. The foam also allows you to see where you may have sprayed. It also reduces overall chemical usage, allowing you to apply them where they are needed most!

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  • Perfect for applying herbicides and pesticides, including ProFoam Platinum Foam Agent
  • Foaming chemicals makes spot spraying even easier as it clings to the weed for even coverage
  • See where you have sprayed thanks to the visible foaming action
  • Reduces overall chemical usage
  • No drip or drift; keeps your spray where you want it
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