Leonard Trimmer Line 1 Pound Donut


Dependable and long-lasting trimmer line!

We make our Leonard Trimmer Lines using a premium-grade resin. Choose from either .080-inch, .095-inch, or .105-inch diameter lines below. Pick from one of three types of trimmer line: round, cross, or twisted. Round trimmer line provides increased durability at the cost of reduced cutting speed. Our X-Treme™; cross-shaped trimmer line cuts quickly and evenly thanks to its 8 cutting edges. Or, for optimal performance, try our premium Aero-Glide™; twisted line. We make our trimmer line to last. Our premium-grade resin material prolongs the life of the line. We package this line in a 1-pound donut. Our .095-inch and .105-inch lines are also available in a 3-pound spool and a 5-pound spool.
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