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MP1000 - MAMMOTH P, 1,000 mL Bottle
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Maximizes phosphorus availability!

Growcentia developed MAMMOTH P as a supplement to regular fertilizer programs. Its nearly-neutral pH level allows it to work well with nearly any fertilizer. This product contains organically-derived microbes. It is the first inoculant of its kind that maximizes phosphorus and nutrient cycling during the bloom phase. MAMMOTH P maximizes growth, increases yields, and enhances the overall health of the plant. The beneficial bacteria in MAMMOTH P act as micro bioreactors. They continually produce enzymes that release nutrients into the plant. These bacteria also shield the plant rhizosphere by outcompeting harmful pathogenic microbes. MAMMOTH P reduces the need for a separate enzyme program. It works equally well in soil, soilless, or recirculating hydroponic systems. Application during clone and vegetative phases boost its overall effectiveness. Growcentia founders developed MAMMOTH P at a leading U.S. university. They produce it at their facility in Fort Collins, Colorado to maintain their high standards for quality. Many competitors use a non-direct approach in which they simply mix microbes. This process creates a microbial concoction of unknown origin. Growcentia utilizes a directed microbial phenotyping platform. This platform, coupled with cutting-edge molecular techniques, results in a highly-effective formula. Tests performed by both growers and independent labs prove that MAMMOTH P increases plant growth. Try it today and see the results for yourself! Shake bottle well before each use. Mix with water according to the application rate table on the label. For best results, use within six months of purchase. Choose your desired size below.
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