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Natural Alternative Ice Melt


Safer and more effective than salt!

You cannot put a price on safety, so choose a safer, more effective, and more affordable product! Natural Alternative® Ice Melt covers 65% more surface area than rock salt. Natural Alternative® formulates this ice melt to be biodegradable and non-toxic. This formulation makes it safer for both pets and the environment. When used as directed, it causes no damage to lawns, vegetation, hardscapes, or cured concrete. For best results, apply before a storm begins. To melt existing snow and ice, remove as much snow as possible and then apply Natural Alternative® Ice Melt. Apply at a rate of 1 to 4 pounds of ice melt per 500 square feet, depending on the amount of snow and ice present. Keep a bag in your vehicle in case of an emergency. Choose from either a 9-pound jug or a 20-pound bag below.

Product Information

Product Features
  • Safer
    • Non-toxic & biodegradable formula - safer for fish and pets
    • Will not promote algae growth in watersheds
    • Gentle on lawns, vegetation, and cured concrete
    • Does not become slippery when wet like calcium chloride
    • EPA Design for the Environment ? pending approval for protecting human and environmental health
    • Listed with the Pacific Northwest Snowfighters Association (PNS) for reduced corrosion
    • Meets US Green Building Council?s Guidelines (LEED)
  • More Effective
    • Begins melting ice and snow immediately upon contact
    • Works to -16° F
    • Blend of four de-icing ingredients outperforms rock salt, potassium chloride, and urea
    • Green tint makes it easier to see where and how much you applied
    • Resists re-freezing and thawing cycles, which minimizes concrete damage
    • Forms a salty brine to lower freezing points and minimize accumulation
    • Angular shaped granules allow for better traction and surface contact
  • More Affordable
    • Requires less volume than rock salt, meaning less weight to carry and less storage space needed
    • Leaves no greasy residue on carpets and floors, saving you money on cleaning
    • Anti-caking agent prolongs shelf life
    • Lasting formula minimizes re-application
    • Saves on labor and equipment costs
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