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Notch Big Shot with Two 4-Foot Poles

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Launch up to 100 vertical feet!

The Notch Big Shot is an oversized slingshot. It attaches to fiberglass poles to launch throw lines and weights. This kit includes a Big Shot Head and two 4-foot Notch fiberglass poles.

The Notch Big Shot allows you to launch a throw bag and up to 200 feet of line through tree limbs. The included poles eliminate recoil and maximize your launch distance.

The Big Shot Launcher enables you to launch straight up, which is nearly impossible to do by hand. For even more accuracy and control, we recommend a Big Shot Trigger. To save some cash, check out our Big Shot Trigger Kit.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Poles included: 2
  • Pole material: Fiberglass
  • Pole length (feet): 4
  • Pole color: Yellow
Product Features
  • Oversized slingshot for throw lines and weights
  • Includes two 4-foot fiberglass poles
Product Benefits
  • Improves distance and accuracy when using throw lines and weights
  • Allows you to launch a throw bag and up to 200 feet of line
  • Enables you to launch straight up
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