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Pentra Bark Bark Penetrating Surfactant


Eliminates the need for foliar sprays, bark injections, and soil drenches!

Pentra-Bark® Bark-Penetrating Surfactant carries water-soluble compounds directly into a tree's vascular system. This action allows the tree to pull these compounds directly into the foliage or roots. It contains the active ingredient Alkylphenol ethoxylate, a polysiloxane polyether copolymer. Choose your desired size below. Use Pentra-Bark® to deliver water-soluble insecticides, fungicides, growth regulators, or fertilizers directly to your tree. Application rates vary based on the accompanying treatment. For most insecticides, miticides, and fungicides, mix at a rate of 6 to 32 fluid ounces per 100 gallons of spray mixture. Always read product labels before use. Using Pentra-Bark® Bark-Penetrating Surfactant eliminates the need for foliar sprays, bark injections, and soil drenches. This product allows you to keep your trees healthy without all that extra work!

Product Information

Product Features
  • Bark-penetrating surfactant
  • Carries water-soluble compounds into the tree?s vascular system
  • Contains a polysiloxane polyether copolymer
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