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Peters Peat Lite Special Fertilizer, 20-10-20

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Peters Professional 20-10-20 Peat-Lite Special is a versatile formula which can be used in year-around operations; acidifying action corrects excessive pH in growing media. It is effective for all water types and contains a full range of essential micronutrients; NPK and magnesium. Use on all greenhouse plants grown in peat-lite mixes. Foliar, Fertigation, Hydroponic.

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Product Benefits
  • Balanced N:K ratio with P, Magnesium and trace elements
  • Contains low Boron
  • Pure formulations, no mixed substances
  • Quick plant response
  • Specially developed for peat-based plants
  • Equipped with Peters unique M-77 chelating formula
  • 100% small, water soluble granules
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