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Razor Back Forged Scrapers


An excellent year-round, multi-purpose tool!

Razor-Back® Scrapers feature a heavy-duty forged steel blade. These steel blades have sharp, beveled edges to slice through materials with ease. A 54-inch long North American hardwood handle provides extra strength and leverage. Choose your desired blade size below. Razor-Back® Forged Scrapers easily remove ice, concrete, and many other materials from surfaces. They are excellent for construction projects like removing roofing, siding, or flooring. In the garden, they excel at digging, clearing trenches, and edging. They also make cleaning a breeze by chopping through plant roots and other debris. Razor-Back® Forged Scrapers have so many uses; they will quickly become one of your favorite tools. Razor-Back® makes each one right here in the USA and backs it with a lifetime warranty!
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