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Razor Back SuperSocket Round Point Shovels


Not your average round-point shovel!

These Razor-Back® round-point shovels have an open-back design. They feature both a SuperSocket® handle connection and PowerStep® oversized, cleated turn steps. The 14-gauge steel blade measures 9-1/2 inches in width and 12 inches in length. Choose from either a wood or fiberglass handle below. Each handle includes a 10-inch end grip. Razor-Back® SuperSocket® Round-Point Shovels are perfect for working in hard, rocky soils. The SuperSocket® socket is a full 5 inches longer than the industry standard. This larger size maximizes the strength of the head-to-handle connection, offering you maximum leverage and prying power. The extra-large, cleated PowerStep® provides a more secure foot placement. Professionals choose Razor-Back® tools for their strength and durability. Razor-Back® proudly makes their products in the USA. They cover these shovels with a lifetime warranty!

Product Information

Product Features
  • Round-point, open-back digging shovel with steel blade
  • Extended SuperSocket;
  • Oversized, cleated PowerStep;
  • North American hardwood handle with 10-inch end grip
  • Made in the USA!
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