Rockman Forestry/Arborist Helmets


Lightweight helmet weighs less than .7 lbs, that's 30% lighter than standard helmets!

Has a sophisticated locking ratchet suspension, 6 double point textile suspension, 4 point textile chin strap, anti-slip headband, and rain channel. Built like a rigid cage, its energy-absorbing shape can react upon impact by intended partial deformation of the shell with further impact energy taken by the patented DFT (DeFormaTec) suspension. DFT comes with 12 DeFormaTec (TM) impact points, which will stretch in case of a serious impact, taking away a certain amount of impact energy from the head of the wearer. Plus it has no sharp edges since the harness is clipped into the shell. It has a self-releasing chinstrap mount, slip-resistant headband, and a scratch-resistant crown.

ABS helmet is available in red (1R), white (2W), yellow (4Y) or orange (5O). The E6ADGK helmets are unvented, so these qualify as a dielectric. The F6ADGK helmets are vented and have ventilation holes at the helmet's top to allow the hot air to expel where it gathers and to draw in cool air from below.
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