Speed Cinch Utility, 5 Pack


Never tie another tarp down with a knot!

Mount a Speed Cinch wherever you need to tie a cord and cinch it up instead. Fast, adjustable, easy, secure, and no knots to fight when you're done! Thread down through the middle, through the slot back up and across and it's locked down tight until you're done. The speedy, simple, and strong Original Speed Cinch Utility is a durable, injection molded tie-down device that adjusts and holds the working ends of lines and cords quickly and securely without a knot! Speed Cinch Utility uses a simple, patent pending design to provide fast, clean, and adjustable tie-down for cargo management, flag poles, marine rigging systems, shades, awnings, and hundreds of other applications. Secures most lines, cords, and ropes between 1/8 and 1/4-inch in all manner of applications. Chose between subtle black or easy to see orange. Sold by the 5-pack. Proudly Made In The USA by a Veteran Owned Company.
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