Strathmore Super Duty Orchard Ladders


Strathmore — Sturdy, safe, and durable!

Strathmore Ladders developed their Super-Duty Orchard Ladders for heavy commercial use. They support up to 300 pounds. Strathmore equips these ladders with full 3-inch wide rails. Reinforcement beads add additional strength, and rounded edges provide worker comfort during prolonged use. The 3-inch wide steps feature a non-skid design. Wear ridges add durability and longevity to these steps. A reinforcement rib maximizes strength at what is usually the weakest point of similar ladders. Strathmore equips these orchard ladders with an extra-strong pole tube. The outer diameter of this pole measures approximately 1-2/3 inches. Strathmore outfitted these ladders with composite upper and lower plug holes. This composite material makes them much stronger than more common wooden plug holes. The extra-wide base and flared design of these ladders provides a much safer and more stable base. This shape forces the climber to stay toward the center of the ladder as they ascend. Rough environments call for a tough ladder — these fit the bill. Strathmore engineers their ladders for strength, safety, and longevity. They manufacture each one in their hometown of Strathmore, California. Strathmore Super-Duty Orchard Ladders make the perfect self-supporting platform. They prevent damage to your delicate and expensive fruit and citrus trees. Whether you are picking, thinning, or pruning, these are the perfect ladders for you! Choose from an 8-, 10-, or 12-foot size below. Need a custom size? Give us a call! Both the 10 and 12-foot ladders must ship via motor freight. They are not eligible for free or reduced shipping offers.
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