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Stringliner Pro Line Reels with Braided Line


Essential for any job layout!

Stringliner designs their Pro Line Reels for both durability and ease of use. These reels feature a patented polyethylene handle. This durable handle allows twine to spin freely and releases the line without any twisting or knotting. This handle pulls apart, allowing you to easily change reels. Stringliner Pro Line Reels also feature a built-in hand crank. This hand crank allows for manual rewinding of string. For a faster rewind, locate the slot at the bottom of the handle and use your drill to rewind! Stringliner Pro Line Reels include a reel of #18 braided nylon twine. This braided line resists abrasion and has a tensile strength of 165 pounds. This line will not unravel as easily when cut or reused. Find replacement line rolls HERE. You can use these reels with any line with a 1-inch core, from 4 to 6 inches long. Choose from fluorescent orange, yellow, or green reels. All colors available in either 250- or 500-foot lines.
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