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Stringliner Replacement Line Rolls


Designed for durability!

Do you need a stronger option when choosing your string line? Look no further! Stringliner designed this line to hold up even in the toughest jobs. Choose this line when reloading your Stringliner Pro (Find them HERE) or LevelWiz reels (Find them HERE). You can also use these replacement line rolls in nearly any reel thanks to their 1-inch core. Stringliner makes their Replacement Line Rolls with #18 braided nylon line. This line resists mildew and abrasion. It has a tensile strength of 165 pounds. The braided line does not unravel as easily as standard twisted line when cut or reused. To lessen line spinning, use with a plumb bob. Choose from fluorescent orange, yellow, or green line. All colors available in either 250- or 500-foot lengths.
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