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Thermal Printable Pot Stakes, 5/8 Inch x 6 Inches

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USA-Made Thermal Printable Pot Stakes, Lasts 9 Months.

OnSyte makes these pot stakes in the USA! They make them using bright white, commercial-grade styrene. A 3-inch core makes them compatible with most thermal printers. Use these stakes for marking pots or for many other tasks. They last approximately 9 months. No printer? No problem! Write on the stake using marking pens and pencils! These stakes measure 5/8 inch x 6 inches x .020 inches. Sold by the roll. Each roll contains 2,000 stakes.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Stakes per roll: 2,000
  • Width: 5/8 inch
  • Length: 6 inches
  • Thickness: .020 inch
Product Warranty Information

  • This product is covered under A.M. Leonard's exclusive 30-Day Down to Earth Guarantee. Click Here for more Details.
Product Features
  • Ideal for thermal printers (not laser or stamp)
  • Write by hand with Sharpies, paint pens, and pencils
  • Weatherable for up to 9 months
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What material are these pot stakes made of?
These pot stakes are made of bright white, commercial grade styrene.

2. Can these pot stakes be used with thermal printers?
Yes, these pot stakes are compatible with most thermal printers.

3. How long do these pot stakes last?
These pot stakes last for approximately 9 months.

4. How many pot stakes are in each roll?
Each roll contains 2,000 pot stakes.

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