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Tomato Twine Box with Belt Loop, 6,300 Feet

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Keep your twine within reach!

Our Tomato Twine features a white polypropylene construction. This box contains 6,300 feet of twine and features a built-in belt loop.

This Tomato Twine is excellent for trellising tomatoes in your greenhouse. It also works well for cucumbers, melons, or any other vining crops. You can also use it for hand-tying in the field or for the Florida Weave method of trellising tomatoes and peppers.

We designed this box with convenience in mind. The entire box weighs in at only 3 pounds, making it perfect to take with you on the go. This low weight combined with the built-in belt loop ensures that your twine is always within reach!

Need a belt? We have you covered!

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Twine material: Polypropylene
  • Twine color: White
  • Twine length (feet): 6,300
  • Box length (inches): 6
  • Box width (inches): 6
  • Box height (inches): 7
  • Overall weight (pounds): 3
Product Features
  • White polypropylene twine
  • Box contains 6,300 feet of twine
  • Box features built-in belt loop
Product Benefits
  • Excellent for trellising tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, or any other vining crops
  • Also works well for hand-tying or Florida Weave trellising method
  • Lightweight box with built-in belt loop keeps your twine within reach
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