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TotalGrow Deep Red Bar

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Enhance Growth Rates with TotalGrow Deep Red Bar

Experience the power of 25W highly efficient LED deep red lighting at 660nm output, perfectly matching peak chlorophyll absorption for optimal photosynthesis. The thin, narrow profile allows for versatile use. Utilize the Deep Red Bar to supercharge growth rates effortlessly. The 660nm wavelength drives efficient photosynthesis, enhances overall lighting system efficiency, and discourages shade avoidance stretching, promoting healthy growth responses. Reach out to TotalGrow experts at to discover if Deep Red lighting is the right fit for your needs. Usage typically involves 1 light bar per 4'x4' area, tailored to your crop and objectives.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Lighting Power: 25W
  • Lighting Type: LED deep red
  • Wavelength Output: 660nm
  • Chlorophyll Absorption: Matches peak absorption
  • Photosynthesis Efficiency: Maximum
  • Profile: Thin, narrow
  • Recommended Usage: 1 light bar per 4'x4' area
Product Features
  • Deep Red Light for Heightened Growth Rates
  • 25W of highly efficient, reliable LED deep red lighting
  • 660nm output matches peak chlorophyll absorption for maximum photosynthesis
  • Thin, narrow profile for simple, versatile utilization
  • The TotalGrow Deep Red Bar generates 660nm red light with exceptional efficiency and reliability in an ideal form factor for simple utilization.
  • Matching the peak of chlorophyll absorption and action, supplement your lighting with Deep Red bars to prioritize and supercharge your growth rates.
  • Why 660nm Deep Red? Plants absorb this wavelength most readily for efficient photosynthesis and growth, discouraging shade avoidance stretching triggered by far red light.
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