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TotalGrow High Intensity LED Top Lights


Performance lighting that saves you time and money!

TotalGrow™; engineers their High-Intensity LED Top Lights for simplicity and versatility. These lights feature a plug-and-play design for easy installation. Choose your desired wattage and output below. TotalGrow™; High-Intensity LED Top Lights generate an ideal light spectrum for both supplemental and sole-source lighting applications. They work well in many setups from commercial greenhouses and nurseries to home gardens. These lights allow for all-season plant growth over many years. TotalGrow™; High-Intensity LED Top Lights maximize plant yields and quality. Their low upfront cost, combined with minimal power consumption, saves you both time and money. With TotalGrow™;, you will see savings of up to 70% when used in place of standard HPS lighting!
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