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Ground Protection Ideal for the Green Industry

Commercial Grade ground protection mats, TrakMAT is ideal for the Green Industry. Designed to move large vehicles and heavy equipment over lawns, sidewalks, driveways, and more without causing damage. Supports loads up to 180,000lb or 90 tons. Great for general landscaping and construction equipment of any size. Featuring a Power Cylinder tread surface on both sides. This popular tread pattern provides maximum contact tire (track) to mat, and mat to ground contact. While leaving sensitive ground unscathed. TrakMAT will also prevent vehicles and equipment from getting stuck in wet, muddy, unstable ground conditions. Made of 1/2-inch thick polyethylene that is easy to clean, chemical and oil resistant. Unaffected by extreme temperatures, hot or cold. UV protection prevents degradation, and the matte surfaces reduce sun glare. Available in 36" x 96" and 44-1/2" x 96" sizes. The unique 44-1/2" wide size is the lightest "full-size" ground production mat available at 78lb. Manufactured from 100% recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). TrakMAT features hand hold cutouts for easy deployment and maneuverability. And pre-drilled holes for mat connecting hardware, HDU-2 and HDU-4. Available in green and black. 6 Year Limited Warranty. MOTOR FREIGHT DELIVERY.

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