Treestrap Biodegradable Tackstraps


Designed with performance and sustainability in mind!

The Original Treestrap® Company developed their Biodegradable Tackstraps™ with performance and sustainability in mind. These straps feature an all-natural, virgin cotton fiber construction. Each strap includes a cap nail for easy installation. Tackstraps™ measure one inch in diameter and come in several lengths. Each pack contains 50 straps. See below for buying options.

The Original Treestrap® Company engineered these high-performance tree straps for both commercial and government applications. Tackstraps™ offer a simple and effective approach to supporting newly planted trees and protecting their cambium layer. They offer an incredible tear strength of 550 pounds! Installation is fast and easy and requires no wires, just a hammer and one stake per strap. To install, wrap the Tckstraps™ around the tree. Next, overlap the strap ends and attach to the stake using the included cap nail. This should resemble a figure 8 pattern. Finish by trimming the excess and you are good to go! Use two straps per tree and choose the proper length to ensure that it will overlap at a point where the stake is secured in undisturbed, compact soil.

Biodegradable Tackstraps™ are an environmentally-friendly and sustainable option for tree support. The natural cotton fibers naturally break down, leaving only the brass grommets or tack fastener. Biodegradable tree straps also virtually eliminate the risk of girdling to the tree, offering you peace of mind!

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